Relationship is the relationship between two or more entities or things, or the presence of a connection.

Romantic relationships are those characterized by feelings of love and attraction for another person. While romantic love can vary, it often involves feelings of infatuation, intimacy, and commitment. Experts have come up with a variety of different ways to describe how people experience and express love.

 1. Love yours

The grass is always greener on the other side. Until you realize this, you will always be looking for something else. Harsh truth: you’ll never reach the end of this loop. Accept her flaws.

This is the way to a happy relationship and a happy life.

2. Aim for a team, instead of a relationship

A relationship is about being complementary to each other’s lives. Constantly look for ways to help each other out. Motivate each other to become the best version of yourself.

This is how 1 and 1 become 3.

3. Be ready to leave her (but choose not to)

To not need each other, but wanting to be together is a powerful thing. You are both happy on your own, but choose to be together as you add to one another’s life.

Never be needy, but complementary.

4. Be a great listener

Good conversations form the base of every solid relationship. If you are able to listen and ask genuine questions, good discussions will be held. 

Aim to understand each other and your relationship will thrive.

5. Control your emotions

It’s okay to be angry sometimes. We all are. But you need to become a master of your emotions. You can’t constantly be using your partner as an outlet for your outbursts.

Channel your energy on the things that matter.

6. Always speak your mind (especially about sex)

She can’t smell your desires. Tell her what it is you want. Especially in the bedroom. If you have certain desires, it’s your responsibility to accomplish them. You do this through communication.

Speak up.

7. Never aim for perfection

No human being is flawless. You should know this by now. So why do you keep expecting her to be just that? Forgive her for things that are minor. Preserve your energy.

Allow mistakes to be made.

8. Treat her like a new date every day

Women want to be seduced. Whether you just met or have known each other for over 10 years, that desire never fades. So find ways to spark her interest.

It will keep the relationship healthy.

9. Ditch the porn

There is no place for pornography in a healthy relationship. What are you lacking that makes you want to watch this filth? Get rid of it today. Find purpose. Master your urges.

You will both be better off without it.

10. Own your freedom

A healthy relationship is one where you both aren’t in need of each other. Own your personal space. If you want to do something that she doesn’t, go for it. You don’t need permission. It’s your life.

Own your freedom and she’ll want you even more.

11. Put each other first

In the end, you have both chosen to be with each other. Don’t be that guy who works 60 hrs/week and is away 3 nights on the weekends. You both made the decision to spend your life with each other. 

Act like it.

12. Love unconditionally

Love can only exist unconditionally. Because if conditional, it can’t be called true love. Accept each other’s flaws, unless you really can’t live with them. Allow for mistakes to happen.

This is how you grow together.

13. Don’t try to make her happy

Everyone is responsible for their own feelings and thoughts. So is your partner. She will have bad moods. She will have her challenges. Let her experience them and learn from them.

This is how she grows.

14. Don’t analyze her

Women click differently than men. Women are like the ocean. She can learn to relax her edges and trust your love, but she will never fix anything by analyzing her “problem”.

Don’t apply your manly ways to your woman.

15. Don’t be needy

Neediness will be the number 1 killer of happy relationships. There is nothing more unattractive than a man that is in need for a woman. Instead, focus on building your empire.

Your partner will follow, as you will be way more appealing.

16. Don’t be possessive

You don’t own each other. You both have your own interests. Your own group of friends. So don’t act like that’s not the case. Instead, build trust between the two of you.

This will make for a durable relationship.

17. Lead her

Women need direction. Not a dictator. Study leadership and become the leader in the relationship. Lead from your masculine essence.

Your guidance will do wonders for the relationship.

18. Embrace solitude

To be happy together, you must be happy alone. There is no greater threat to a relationship than to people who are dependent on each other.

Choose to be together from a place of solitude.

19. Know yourself

Know your vices and challenges. Strive to understand them through and through. By understanding yourself, you will improve your role in the relationship.

Improvement always starts with yourself.

20. Stimulate self-improvement

You must both strive to improve yourself daily. And besides that, you must stimulate each other to grow. But don’t constantly critique her. Instead, compliment her.

Focus on the stuff going well and she’ll want to do more of it.

21. Be honest with yourself (and her)

Your feelings and emotions are there for a reason. Don’t put them away. This is a one-way ticket to the end of your relationship. Listen to them. And make decisions based on them.

You deserve it.


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