In Japan, it is common practice to drink two full glasses of water upon waking

It’s said to have the ability to fully cure a number of diseases, including cancer, as well as provide a host of other benefits. And I think they may be on to something

By - Sean Russell, Life Coach

1) It rehydrates your dehydrated body

When you wake up after a long sleep, your body is naturally dehydrated. it’s time to refill the tank.

Major benefits:

– Feeling more refreshed

– Having more natural energy throughout the morning

– Being healthier & happier

2) Flushes out toxins

While you sleep your body repairs itself, replenishes energy, and balances hormones. The result is toxins and other waste materials being released and waiting to be flushed out.

drinking water after waking up will flush unwanted toxins out of your body.

3) Fires up your metabolism

drinking water after waking up is the most optimal way to lose weight.

Think of drinking water after waking up as an alarm clock for your metabolism. This morning water has been proven to increase your calorie-burning potential throughout the day.

4) Fuels your brain

Here’s a fun fact; your brain is 75% water.

If you’ve been drinking enough of it, you will know that without water your brain is not going to function at its optimal level.

A morning glass of water will leave you feeling sharp and clear throughout the day.

5) Keeps you regular & relieves constipation

The main cause of constipation is dehydration.

Drinking water when you wake up will not only cure dehydration but will help relieve constipation, help to keep you regular, and promote a morning bowel movement.

6) Prevents and cures disease

In Japan, it is believed that drinking water this way can cure even the harshest diseases over time.

I am not a doctor, but what I do know is that doing this will certainly help cure diseases and help prevent them, even if the effects are subtle.

7) It’s completely refreshing

Last, but not least, the practice of drinking water after waking up is that of how good and refreshed it will make you feel.

There really is nothing more refreshing than waking up, dry-mouthed, and enjoying life’s purest substance.

Warm or cold?

Sorry to say this, but warm. Preferably body temperature! I know this is not always feasible to drink two 98-degree glasses of water when you wake up so opt for room temperature.

You can start with 1 glass of water and increase it slowly. (1 glass - 200ml)


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