Actress Kemi Afolabi unfold her challenges, encourages others

 Popular actress Kemi Afolabi has opened up for the first time on her mental health.

As maintained by her, she hated everything that she is going through, not having the strength to do things she loved the most made her lie around in self pity.

Kemi explained how she experienced anxiety, exhaustion, and depression. 

Afolabi, who unveiled to the world that she was suffering from Lupus months back, revealed that she had a mental breakdown over her illness.

Meanwhile, Kemi Korede expressed how blessed she is to have great people around her who showed her genuine love which really helped her healing.

This allow her, make a promise to herself, to stop putting energy on something she cannot change.

Only then, did she start getting out of her head by accepting the new her.

“#Mentalhealtg is real. Stop messing with people emotions by your actions or words.

I had mental break down when I got diagnosed with Lupus, I experienced anxiety, exhaustion and depression. I hated everything I was going through. Not having the strength to do the things I love the most made me wallowed in self pity.

I never really showed my loved ones the peak of my breakdown. At some point I did considered harming myself severally, I heard strange voices to mention a few.

I am lucky to have great people around me who showed me genuine love which really helped NY healing so fast and I am grateful for still breathing compared to those who are dead. Then I made myself a promise that I was going to stop dwelling on something I cannot change. Then I started getting out of my head by accepting the new me.

The way people move in grom event will let you understand how life works! “Every man with his problems”. This is to encourage anyone going through something causing them mental breakdown. “PLS GET UO AND EMBRACE THE SITUATION BELIEVING UT WILL TURN AROUND FOR YOUR GOOD” your breakthrough is near, start by being grateful you’re still alive”.

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