Apostle Suleman convoy attacked four policemen are killed

 On Friday, gunmen ambushed Apostle Johnson Suleman's convoy along the Benin Auchi Road. Seven

people, including three policemen, are purportedly dead, according to Edo State. 

Onikewide learned that Suleman had just returned from a trip abroad and was traveling through Edo State when gunmen ambushed his convoy near the Auchi region of the state.

Three of his police orderlies and four other unidentified victims were allegedly killed when the attackers opened fire on his convoy during the raid.

The incident was confirmed to our correspondent by Suleman's attorney, Samuel Amune, who added that the cleric had recently returned from a program in Tanzania and narrowly avoided death.

“He was returning from a journey when several assassins assaulted him. He was almost on the shores of Auchi. Among others, three of his police officers died. He had previously traveled, and the day before yesterday, he had recently finished a program in Tanzania. 

The gunmen attacked him while he was making his way back to Auchi through Sabingida down to the Warake area; Auchi and Warake share a same border. He had so passed Warake and was now approaching Auchi's borders when the attack occurred.

A security expert, Dickson Osajie, who condemned the lack of security in the state, said the attack happened in broad daylight.

Seven individuals, including a policeman, were slain in the attack on Suleman, he claimed. The nation is not secure since armed individuals can roam the country without being seen. The situation is alarming. 

The State Police Public Relations Officer, Chuidi Nwabuzor, responded when contacted, saying, "I just learned about it a few seconds ago; nevertheless, I cannot confirm just now. I'd like to hear from the divisional policeman responsible for that region.


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