Procrastination is the act of Needless and of one’s own choice delaying or put off something despite

knowing that there will be negative repercussions for doing so.

Y’all have a Good News on how to overcome it 👇🏽

1. Become aware & stop judging yourself

Procrastination is there, not somewhere, it is here, with you.

No point in being hard on yourself, as you feel bad about not doing the things you want to do already.

Try to realize when it happens & decide to act differently.

2. Rewire your brain

Stop with flows of thoughts that are unhelpful.

Realize and identify those thoughts during moments of procrastination.

Write down a list, of the when's and why's Next, ask yourself:

• Why do I think like this?

• Why do I act like this?

• Is the way I feel about myself reasonable?

• What are the consequences of my way of thinking?

Sit down and write out, step by step, what way of thinking would be more helpful.

 3. Learn to endure the feeling.

Recognize AND accept this uncomfortable feeling that comes up when you want to delay a task.

Feel it, go into it. 

Tell yourself, that this is only going away through exercise. It will stay during the time you work on your tasks which brings you closer to your goals.

Look at your discomfort, let it stay, but don't let it bring you down. 

Talk to it and tell them how you are going to handle those situations from now on.

4. Please, stop with excuses, no matter how good.

After a while, you go over that list of yours, the when & why's of your procrastination and review them.


 • Do I find the right moments?

• Am I right about the why's?

• Do I really understand the working patterns?

• Do I really understand the consequences?

Stop being your #1 hater, be your #1 supporter.

I always laugh about people cheering at a sports event, thinking: how in the world could that help to achieve physical support?

But it does.

You see that someone else cares and cheers for you, so you don't want to let them down and you tell yourself:  I'll finish this. I CAN do this!

Repeat this over & over again, like a Mantra.

Be your own supportive friend.

Before everyone else, YOU need to believe in yourself!

5. It's all about execution.

One skill you need for everything:

Project management.

Life & work.

You need to know what are your goals and what tasks are moving you towards this the most.

Prioritize them and plan them out.

When, how and how long. 

A good method is this:

• Only three tasks.

• The ugliest first.

• Break.

• If you skip it more than three times, erase.

6. You can only improve, what you can measure. 

Write down (don't cheat on that one) every day, what you achieve.


Just try to understand how your brain works.

And then, step by step, play it out, rewire your thoughts.

Tiny bit, by tiny bit.


1. Become aware & stop judging yourself

2. Rewire your brain

3. Learn to endure the feeling.

4. Please, stop with excuses, no matter how good.

5. It's all about execution.

6. You can only improve, what you can measure.


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