"I want Messi to fail at the 2022 World Cup." Delima Ronaldo

 Legendary Brazilian footballer Ronaldo De Lima has acknowledged he can't stand the

idea of Argentina winning the world championship this year.

However, Ronaldo said in an interview with SportsMail that Messi deserves to win the World Cup even though he won't back him or his nation. 

He claims that Messi can only win it if he obtains Spanish or Italian citizenship. 

If Brazil doesn't succeed in Qatar, does Ronaldo secretly want Messi to hoist the trophy?

If he obtains Spanish nationality first, the ex-Real Madrid striker retorted. 

Italian or Spanish, whatever. It is the conflict between Argentina and Brazil. Although I have the utmost regard for them, I find it repugnant to imagine Argentina as world champions.

Is Messi deserving of it? He does, of course! however, not with my backing! You can be sure that he will comprehend that I adore him and that he feels the same way.


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