Mohbad hospitalize after series of beatin from his Record Label

 Mohbad popularly known as Imole recently took to him media announcing he was attacked by his

record label, because he wants to change his manager.

Tweet this on his page

“ I’m at the hospital for a CT Scan for head impact and chest X-ray as a result of the assault.

I had the meeting clearheaded and without any drug influence too.

Stories flying around saying he came to the house to fight four persons in the house, accounting to his boss live video, which is not possible they let him go just like that, how ever his boss naira Marley came to his rescue claiming Imole was just high on ch$$p drugs, stating his fine, few hours later he tweeted again 

Mohbad tweet ;

Everything he said on the live video is a blatant lie.

This isn’t the first time. The last video was made out to look like I was high or overreacting. My life is being severely threatened.

I’m not intoxicated but I’ve just been diagnosed as an emergency hypertensive patient.

I’m not on drugs or drinks and my life is at stake. I’m still getting threats.

More stories yet to come, Mohbad as been admitted, which he took to his page 

I’ve been admitted as an emergency hypertensive patient but I’ll be back later to say my own bit of the situation.

Quick flashback to February 24th this year when this happened and they said I was intoxicated. 

Please note my producer and friend that I went with were beaten too


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