NDLEA chief issues a warning to drivers against using dangerous substances


Hard drug abuse might result in commuters dying instantly, according to Joseph Icha, Commandant of the

National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) in Borno State.

The Commandant urged commuters in the State to completely abstain from drug misuse over the holiday season when he spoke on Tuesday in Maiduguri as part of the Federal Road Safety Commission's (FRSC) 2022 "ember month" enlightenment. 

Icha pointed out that abstaining fully from drug or alcohol abuse was in the best interests of everyone, including the drivers and passengers, if they wanted to live.

Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Bello Fago, who was addressing on behalf of the Borno State Commissioner of Police, urged participants to internalize the lessons learned during the awareness campaign.

He said that throughout the time period under consideration, commuters should be most concerned about "overspeeding, purchasing subpar spare parts, especially breaks, and of course abusing all kinds of hard narcotics." 

Abubakar Tijani, the commissioner of transportation, who was acting in place of Governor Babagana Zulum, praised the FRSC for maintaining its commitment to the people despite the long-standing insurgency in the State. 

"Despite the many security issues we face on our highways, I must thank you for helping us keep our people alive.

We appreciate the fact that you continue to work in harmony with other security services. Although some of the State's roadways are dangerous, you nevertheless manage to save lives and property every day, he remarked. 

In response to commuter overload, Zulum urged various organizations in the parking lots to launch fresh initiatives and reduce the threat to the absolute minimum.

Boyi Utten, the sector commander, also urged commuters to drive defensively whenever they are on the road.


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