If you want

• Better Control Over Your  Habits

• Build Bulletproof Discipline

• Achieve Your Goals

1. Lofty Body Fat

High body fat lessen your testosterone. Big body fat is devastating for men because it is a signal to the body to produce more estrogen which is mainly known as a female hormone.

Woman will always choose a lean muscular men over dad bod.

2. immoderate  Social Media

Though Social media is an incredible tool, but wasting too much time on Instagram , Tiktok and other social media takes away so much time from your life that could have been used productively.

General Media is fast becoming  a slow Murder.

3. Erotica 

Watching Pornographic material affects not just your physical health but also mental , emotional and spiritual health. Doesn’t matter what people and science say , its the worst thing a man can do for himself.

4. Inferior Eating Habits

During time, our cellular respiration slows down and we cant take in the calories we used to do earlier in our young days without any consequences.

Poor nutrition contribute to stress, tiredness and our capacity to work, and over time, it can lead to illnesses.

5. Destructive Environment

If a predator is kept in a controlled surrounding, the shark will only grow proportionate to that territory.  The biodiversity  around you Dramatically  affects your thought process.

Toxic work environments breed unrest, competition, low morale & constant stress

6. Being Inactive 

As human beings were made to move. We always have the same genetics, same DNA, as our hunter-gatherer gods. They didn’t sit down all day staring at a screen.

The moment that your power, core, and pulmonara  aren’t used –they get weak


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