Why I won't Give God Thanks Apostle Suleman escaped an attempted murder, according to Fr. Kelvin

 Rev. Fr. Kelvin Ugwu, a well-known Catholic missionary priest, has found flaws in Apostle Suleman's testimony,

who founded Omega Fire Ministries Worldwide. 

Recall that Suleman remarked, "My life is in God's hands; nobody can murder me," in response to a claimed assassination attempt on him on Friday evening.

At least seven people, including four police officers, were killed in an attack on his motorcade on the Warake road in Auchi, Edo State, prior to his testimony. 

Suleman's testimony was criticized by Fr Kelvin in response, who stated that it was improper to "exploit other people's misfortune to raise your own story."

He maintains that the Apostle's life is not more important than the lives of the people killed in the tragic incident, including police officers and citizens.

"Be gentle when presenting testimony, as I have always advised here. Don't make your own tale seem better by exploiting the suffering of others.

Seven people were slain during their attempt to kill you, but you said, "My life is in the hands of God, nobody can kill me." 

"Well, I won't thank God that you survived the murder; I'll thank God that you acknowledged knowing people who were responsible for the murder and shooting.

“I urge the administration and police to take it from there. These seven people's lives are incredibly important. Their lives are not more precious than the minister's. Until those responsible for the shooting are apprehended and given the justice they deserve by the law, a thorough inquiry should be launched right away.

And for those directly associated with the minister, I urge you to exercise caution since it appears that he is aware of something that could endanger you and about which you are not aware. Fr. Kelvin published something on his official Facebook page


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