According to the FG, Nigerians with expired passports can reenter

 According to the Nigerian Immigration Service, Nigerians with expired passports are still

permitted to visit their home country over the holidays because they don't require a visa. 

The NIS public relations officer, Mr. Tony Akuneme, said this in a Tuesday interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN). 

According to him, dual nationals of Nigeria are welcome to visit using their Nigerian passport, even if it has expired. 

Akuneme added that in order to confirm that a person is actually from Nigeria, they must present their expired Nigerian passport.

Akuneme was responding to concerns over the federal government's new visa policy, which states that dual-national Nigerians do not require visas to travel to their home country. 

According to the new regulations, dual nationals of Nigeria are now permitted to visit the country using their Nigerian passport, even if it has expired. 

"You must provide proof that you are a Nigerian, which is why we say they may enter with a passport that has expired. Having two passports signifies having dual citizenship. 

He said, "Unlike before, when your passport expires, you won't be able to enter the nation. Now, we can let them travel in with their expired Nigeria passport." 

He continued by saying that allowing them in serves to facilitate and come home to renew there passport.

To recap: According to the federal government, Nigeria's passport booklets are not in limited supply, Nairametrics reported earlier. 

At the 4th edition of President Muhammadu Buhari's Administration's Scorecard 2015–2023, Interior Minister Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola made this clear while refuting assertions that it was otherwise.

The minister claims that there are enough passport applications available for individuals who have already been arrested or who have not yet been arrested but applied for passports.


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