Adesanya was freed following his arrest at the airport in New York


Former UFC champion Israel Adesanya has been released after being held at a New York airport for

attempting to use brass knuckles to bypass security.

Recall that Adesanya was taken into custody for having metal knuckles on Wednesday at JFK Terminal. 

Metal or plastic brass knuckles are prohibited in New York, and possessing them is a misdemeanor that can result in up to a year in jail as well as fines. 

Adesanya has already been released and has been transported back to New Zealand, according to a statement from his manager Tim Simpson of Paradigm Sports Management.

Israel received a gift from a fan, which he put in his luggage, according to Simpson's statement. Israel promptly destroyed the device after it was flagged at the airport and complied with authorities. 

He responded, "He has complied in line with that; with that, the matter was dropped, and he is on his way home." 

Only his second defeat in his career, he lost the UFC middleweight championship to Alex Pereira.


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