All suspended Twitter accounts may be given 'amnesty,' according to Elon Musk


Elon Musk, the CEO of Twitter, is thinking about restoring access to all the suspended accounts on the service. 

This occurs shortly after the indefinite ban on former U.S. President Donald Trump was lifted. 

Musk has set up a poll on Twitter inviting people to vote on the planned amnesty, just like he did with Trump. 

The amnesty does, however, contain a requirement that such accounts not have engaged in egregious spam activity. 

Musk poses the following question in the Twitter poll, which as of publication had received over 2.8 million votes:

Should Twitter provide all suspended accounts a broad amnesty if they haven't committed crimes or sent outrageous amounts of spam? 

According to the poll results at the time of writing, 72.4% of Twitter users support lifting the suspension on accounts, while 27.6% disagree. 

Various responses In the meantime, opinions on the poll and Musk's decision to reinstate all suspended accounts have been divided. While some Twitter users think that granting everyone a fresh start through the amnesty would be beneficial, others claim that removing the suspension on the millions of accounts that broke Twitter's rules will result in the return of numerous spam accounts. 

Others claimed Musk's effort to reinstate suspended accounts was a ruse to boost Twitter's user base.

In the meantime, Musk has maintained that his plan to use Twitter to further free expression included the amnesty for suspended users. 

Fighting impersonation: Elon Musk's Twitter is currently engaged in a battle with impersonating accounts, which has compelled Musk to postpone the scheduled debut of the Twitter Blue Verified. 

Because impersonators were fast to set up false accounts using the names of well-known figures who are not on Twitter, the initial rollout of the subscription plan had failed. 

Musk stated that the relaunch would not take place until he is confident that he has stopped impersonators from utilizing the membership scheme.


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