Consequences must be met for the dismissal of NYSC DG Fadah, the group insists

 The Concerned Citizens Forum (CCF), a pressure organization, has stated that Brig-Gen

MK Fadah, the recently fired director-general of the National Youth Service Corps, NYSC, must bear the repercussions of his alleged wrongdoings while in office. 

The organization claims that the former DG needs to receive severe punishment after being "disgraced and sacked" by President Muhammadu Buhari last week. 

The group thinks that punishing Fadah appropriately would serve as a warning to other people in elected office.

It stated that Fadah was required to refund all wages received while serving as the NYSC DG as well as his income from the Nigerian Army. 

The group's National President/Convener, Musa M. Attah, stated in a news conference in Abuja that the Brigadier General was not only unqualified for the position, but also showed egregious incompetence during his first six months in command. 

As a result, the organization praised a report by the Yobe Elders Forum that sought to clear Fadah of all misconduct.

We find it shocking that the Yobe Elders Forum group is claiming that individuals conspired against him to have him removed from office, rather than arranging for legal representation to help the disgraced general reduce whatever sentence would come his way from a potential trial in court," Attah said. 

We demand that Gen. MK Fadah be forced to repay all wages and benefits received while serving as the director general of the NYSC. 

"We further demand that Fadah return all salaries and emoluments he has received from the Nigerian Army since October 2020," it continued. Fadah was born in October 1960 and was 60 years old at the time.

The organization also demanded that the Nigerian Army immediately lower Fadah's rank to one that is more in line with his actual capabilities and remuneration.


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