Instagram -follower count for Christiano Ronaldo reaches 500 million

 Christiano Ronaldo, a footballer for Manchester United and Portugal, has surpassed 500 million

followers on Instagram and is now the profile with the most followers. 

Ronaldo is currently among the most influential persons on the internet after being the first to reach 500 million followers on Instagram. 

Days prior, he and another elite player, Lionel Messi, made headlines when an Instagram advertisement featuring them playing chess on a Louis Vuitton briefcase went viral. 

The picture, which is now Instagram's second-most liked post, may be to blame for Ronaldo's increase in followers. 

With 376 million followers, Messi is oddly the second-most followed person on Instagram.

As of Monday, Ronaldo's Instagram post of the Louis Vuitton advertisement had amassed almost 36 million likes, while Messi's post of the identical image had garnered 28.3 million likes. 

Cristiano Ronaldo is considered to have a net worth of approximately $500 million as of November 2022, making him one of the wealthiest athletes in the world. In a world where having a large following on social media is a valuable multi-million dollar asset, Ronaldo's income as a social media influencer will increase thanks to the new Instagram record.


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