Lagos Commercial Bus Drivers Are Still On Strike, Claiming That Members' Cars Have Been Vandalized by Thugs

Commercial bus drivers affiliated with the Joint Drivers Welfare Association of Nigeria (JDWAN) have insisted on

maintaining their roadblock in Lagos until tomorrow's meeting between the organization's leadership and a state government delegate (Friday). 

This comes after the meeting between the leadership of JDWAN and the officials of the Lagos state government was postponed to Friday, November 4, 2022 from yesterday, Wednesday.

According to rumors, JDWAN National Leader Abiodun Akintade released a statement late on Wednesday in which the striking drivers revealed this. 

After the group's meeting with the state administration, which was represented by the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Transportation, Abdulhafiz Toriola, Akintade reportedly made the statement.

The National Union of Road Transport Workers and the Road Transport Employers Association representatives were purportedly present, but they "left before our arrival," according to JDWAN. 

Akintade continued, "We presented the circumstances that led to the strike as well as our requests. The government's personnel pretended to feel sorry for us. However, they stated that they preferred that we also include negotiators from the RTEAN and the NURTW so that they may each present their own points of view. 

Therefore, the meeting was terminated at the Alausa Secretariat by 12 p.m. on Friday.

Commuters have reportedly experienced numerous inconveniences as a result of the strike, which is now in its fourth day. JDWAN has urged these individuals to be understanding. 

According to Onik News, the group that thanked participants for their dedication to the program said, "Thank you for your perseverance, loyalty, and dedication to our struggle for our independence. We ask that they exercise patience and continue the strike through the Friday meeting. By Friday, the strike would have lasted five working days, and we are pleased that so far, our position has been substantially supported.

“We ask Lagosians who use our services and who commute with us to be patient while we deal with the fallout from extortion. However, few individuals could be eating like gluttons while we worked like machines. How do monkeys operate and why do baboons chop? This can't go on like this! ” 

The organization claimed that the motor park thugs had vandalized its members' cars, which had not yet been fixed. 

Two of our comrades are still detained at Morogbo Police Station (Area K Command, Badagry) despite having committed no crimes, the statement continued. We are required by the commanding commanders to beseech the Agberos before they are allowed to be released. We demand the immediate, complete release of all of our members.

“We also wish to express our astonishment at the sudden appearance of representatives from the RTEAN and NURTW, both of which have been outlawed in Lagos State. We request the National Leadership of the NURTW and the RTEAN to officially allay our concerns, despite the fact that JDWAN is not associated with either and none of our members are recognized as members of both unions, Akintade said.


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