Nigerians respond when the naira drops to an all-time low of N1005/£


After breaching the crucial N1000 threshold at the parallel market, the Nigerian naira's value

versus the British pound plunged to a record low. 

On Sunday, November 7, 2022, Nairametrics saw a tracker showing that the British Pound traded at approximately N1005 to £1. In the meantime, the Euro traded at around N865-N870 to $1. 

Rapid local currency depreciation in Nigeria will probably lead to inflation and induce large-scale migration of Nigerians to more stable countries.

Nigerian reactions: A lot of Nigerians have expressed their opinions on the development. Some of the responses noticed on social media are presented by Nairametrics. 

OroGbiniie, a Twitter user, expressed concern about how the weakening of the naira might effect the wages received. She uttered:

£1=1000 naira. Nigerian workers make between 100k and 120k per month on average, which equates to an annual wage of £120. After 30 days of swearing and bleeding, someone's 9 months will be sent home with ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY POUNDS. 

And for some reason, someone wants to keep paying the minimum wage of 33k, or £33. Blue collar workers make £33 per month, whereas their coworkers who perform the same job might make that amount in just two hours.


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