Pastor Tobi Adegboyega, music ministers, "Our Triplets Are Loading" pay tribute to Davido

 Famous bartender Pascal Okechukwu, a.k.a. Cubana Chiefpriest, shared the occasion when Pastor Tobi

Adegboyega urged Davido and Chioma to keep going strong. 

He expressed hope that the girlfriend of the Nigerian artist would soon give birth to triplets in place of their son Ifeanyi. 

On Monday, October 31, 2022, Davido and his fiancĂ©e, Chioma Rowland, lost their three-year-old kid in a drowning tragedy. 

However, Cubana Chiefpriest used his Instagram profile to post images from celebrity pastor Tobi Adegboyega's Sunday service.

The cleric and his musical ministers honored Davido in the video with a remix of his song "Stand Strong."

The song is undoubtedly an attempt to comfort the couple who are struggling after the death of their son. 

The star barman said that since God is Davido and Chioma's only fallback, He will take care of everything. 

He emphasized that having triplets is certain and that God will make it so. 

"Our steps are led by Jehovah @davido @thechefchi," he said. God must correct us. Our only fallback is God. We support you guys wholeheartedly, and we will get through this together. The triplets are certain. 

Loading%… God, please help us.

According to Oniker, the singer revealed this via a press release that was posted online. 

The choice to postpone the event was tough, but it was essential, according to the statement, and all ticket purchasers would be accommodated on the rescheduled day. 

Davido's management also expressed regret for disappointing his fans and pledged to return on Saturday, November 18, 2023, with a larger and better performance.


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