Popular Nigerian trap rapper, Dablixx Osha, was killed; cause of death


Oniyide Azeez, a Nigerian singer-songwriter known as Dablxx Osha, was born

in Lagos on August 27, 1995.

 For his online freestyles, the rapper and trap musician is well-known. These have contributed in the expansion of his Instagram following and fan base. 

He released freestyles and trap music in Yoruba and English. His rap songs cover a wide range of modern subjects, such as betrayal, street smarts, trust, loss, and more. Despite his success at WJS Records, his tattoos added to his "rap life." 

Nigerian rapper and composer Oniyide Azeez, also known as Dablixx Osha or Osha Marleba, was born in Lagos State. Aged 26 years old, he.

He rapidly became well-known online after posting a number of Instagram freestyle videos demonstrating his proficiency with the local Yoruba dialect. 

Dablxx Osha, an artist signed to MMG Records, wins more admirers every day with his clever lines. This is yet another sector rediscovering gold.

DJ Ruff Lemon reportedly chose the well-known 26-year-old performer. According to reports, a music publisher and talent manager taught Ikorodu Lil Wayne. 

He claimed to have coached Dablixx Osha early in his career and to have connected him with key people in the industry. In the event that Dablixx Osha enjoys success in the music industry, he wants to be compensated. 

DJ Ruff Lemon talks about how he helped the budding musician's career. Additionally, he discussed how he collaborated with Dablixx Osha to make it extremely difficult to access the field.

Dablxx Osha, a trap musician, had dabbled in music in the past, but when he first launched Instagram, his best work was posted there. 

He is currently the most well-known native trap musician in Nigeria, according to his personal Instagram page. A musician from Lagos State named Dablxx Osha has released his EP 50 and Moller in addition to a number of singles.

Is Dablixx Osha Dead?

Everyone is keen to know the fact whether the news is accurate or merely a rumor spread to create a stir. Some of the social media platforms have reported Dablixx's death without any official confirmation.

A lot of people on Twitter are tweeting that Dablixx is dead. But, still, there is not any official statement or confirmation about Dablixx’s death. We have to wait for the official statement from the team of Dablixx. Until then, we are not sure whether he is still alive or dead. We will update this article if there is any official statement from Dablixx’s Team.


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