The Problem With African Teams at the World Cup, According To Didier Drogba

 Following the recent performance of African countries in their initial games of the 2022

World Cup, Chelsea star Didier Drogba has highlighted why they are having trouble. 

Despite prior visits by Senegal, Cameroon, and Ghana in the last eight, no African team has ever reached the final in the history of the FIFA World Cup. 

Three of the five African nations competing in the 2022 World Cup in Qatar have struggled to score any goals. 

Senegal, the current African champions, was upset 2-0 by the Netherlands, Cameroon was defeated 1-0 by Switzerland, and Croatia was held to a scoreless tie by Morocco.

According to the post on Kickoff, Drogba claimed that when the players are all together in the national teams, coaches struggle to choose the ideal system. 

Noting that the same African athletes do far better for their respective clubs overseas. 

This was said in a statement by the former Ivory Coast international, who said: "African teams find it very challenging because you have people. 

He continued, "They are really good at their clubs, particularly those playing in Europe."

However, when they combine, it gets harder for the management to find the best system. 

The Ivorian player advised "playing the right individuals at the appropriate place and maintaining that energy that is essential when you play at that kind of level."


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