US General Azubuike, who is of Nigerian descent, encourages potential American Army recruits


Amanda Azubuike, a Nigerian by birth, has urged Nigerians who are passionate about enlisting

in the American military to get in touch with her. 

Additionally, Gen. Azubuike noted that the US army offers a variety of options and might enable anyone in realizing their goals. 

Recall that Amanda Azubuike, a top commander in the US Army, was recently promoted to the rank of Brigadier General, as ONIKEWIDE  reported.

Azubuike also discussed how she enlisted in the US army before becoming a citizen of the nation, mentioning the support of her family and her faith in God as factors in advancing her career. 

According to the recently honored senior army officer, the U.S. army offers various options regardless of one's profession.

She revealed this in a post on her business-related LinkedIn profile. 

We have numerous chances for people looking for a sense of purpose and service, the statement said in part. The Army offers a wide variety of options, careers, and scholarships, as I quickly learned in life. If you or someone you know wishes to be an Army officer, please get in touch with me. Whatever success means to you, the Army can help you achieve it. We want to be a part of your journey.


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