Carter Efe boasts, "I get $50,000 for 7 videos," as he criticizes Yhemo Lee over upgraded car


He criticized Yhemo Lee for saying that he makes the same amount as skit makers for producing

seven videos in a single evening.

Carter Efe, a musician and skit performer from Nigeria, has criticized media figure Yhemo Lee for criticizing the hustling of Nigerian skit performers.

Carter Efe expressed his displeasure with Yhemo Lee during a recent Instagram live session for saying that he makes the same amount of money as skit creators for producing seven videos in a single evening.

In a recent interview with Cloud Africa, Yhemo Lee, an actor, hypeman, nightlife king, influencer, and entertainment expert, made this claim.

This enraged Carter Efe, who took to the internet to criticize Yhemo Lee for demeaning and undervaluing the talent of sketch creators.

Inquiring about Yhemo Lee's nighttime activities because he allegedly makes a lot of money in a single night, he tackled the rapper.

In addition, Carter Efe said that he makes $50,000 from seven videos. He then asked Yhemo Lee if he could make as much in a single night.

The irate comedian, who just bought a brand-new Mercedes Benz, further questioned Yhemo Lee's ownership of a home given that he claims to be wealthier than the majority of sketch creators.

Watch the video below;

Carter Efe's girlfriend previously went over and above to show her affection for him.

Cater Efe's girlfriend, a stunning hair stylist by the name of Nuella, just got a tattoo of his name, "EFE," on her back and flaunted it online..


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