Family members celebrate as a Nigerian mother gives birth to twins after 20 years of marriage

 Nliam Amara Agbai, a Nigerian woman, gave birth to a set of twins after 20 years of

infertile marriage. 

The happy news was shared on Facebook by delighted family members. Austin BenEmy Aliba, one of the family members,

wrote: "All I can say is THERE IS GOD (CHUKWUDI) After 20 years... The Greatest is God. Nliam Amara Agabai, my aunt. I've got my dancing shoes ready.

According to Ajaero Loveth Ogadi 

“Omg! I'm choked! 

Set the stage for everyone this year! 

One of the many testimonies I'll share this year is this one. 

She is my lovely wife. 

wife of my uncle. 

After waiting for so long, God decided to bless our 20+ year marriage with twins. 

God, you're simply too much, ooh. 

In fact, God cannot do what He cannot do. You are a wonderful God who performs miracles. We offer you full credit. Hello, my little ones. 

Herzlichen Gl├╝ckwunsch, my radiant aunt Nliam Amara Agba. 


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