Man was given the death penalty by the court for cooking with the victim's intestines

 A man named Bestman Lekia has been sentenced to death by hanging by the Rivers State High Court after

being found guilty of killing four people and using one of their intestines to make porridge in the Okwalie community of the Khana Local Government Area of Rivers State.

Lekia was also found guilty by the court of burglary, kidnapping, cultism, and armed robbery.

Nenalebarri Mmeabe, Loveday Mmeabe, Gbodu Nobale, and Etim Ekpe were slain by the convicted killer and others of his gang who are supposedly still at large.

Lekia's demeanor during his trial, according to Justice Enebeli, demonstrated that he was a seasoned criminal, terrorist, and cultist.

The state prosecutor, Chidi Ekeh, responded to the verdict by calling it erudite and asserting that it will save the Ogoni community and Rivers State.

Ekeh continued by stating that although as a human being he was unhappy that someone had been given a death sentence, the State would have failed society if Lekia had been permitted to escape punishment.


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