Mandy Kiss regrets turning down numerous offers to have s*x with wealthy, married guys last year {VIDEO}

 She declared that 2023 will be different because she is willing to go to all

lengths necessary to lead a carefree life full with delight. 

Mandy Kiss, a Nigerian influencer and slay queen, has lamented the multiple "hook-up" possibilities she passed up last year. 

Remember how the 22-year-old media personality went viral online after getting the controversial musician Naira Marley's face tattooed on her laps and announcing herself as the "President of Oloshos"? 

She later recanted that she was a prostitute, saying she just established the character to survive and provide for her family in June 2022. 

She bemoaned bitterly her failure to find a boyfriend as well, claiming that she is not the easy-going woman that everyone perceives her to be.

Mandy Kiss has stated that since the good girl act didn't work out for her in 2022, she wants to abandon it this year. 

She claimed that in 2022, she turned down numerous invitations to spend time with wealthy men who were prepared to spend a lot of money on her because she wanted to stay out of trouble. However, this strategy proved fruitless. 

She claims that 2023 will be different since she is willing to go to whatever lengths to lead a carefree life full with delight. 

Cynthia Morgan, a musician from Nigeria, shared an intriguing truth regarding copulation on her Instagram stories a while back. 

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The singer claimed in a post on her official Instagram page that she had learned that the main purpose of coitus is reproduction.


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