My nanny sexually assaulted me and raped me, Bambam {VIDEO}

 Bamike Olawunmi, aka Bambam, a reality television star and former member of the

Big Brother Naija house, has described how her nanny sexually abused and raped her. 

In a video posted on her Instagram page on Sunday, Bambam claimed the abuse occurred when she was 2 to 8 years old. 

The mother of two claimed that the incident had a profound impact on her, including the fact that the nanny's threats prevented her from confiding in her parents. 

Bambam further claimed that she had been sexually assaulted a few times by guys she had dated in the past as justification for calling for stronger rules and penalties for abusers.

She forced me to lick her breast while she used my fist as a masturbation tool; this has had a variety of effects on me. I was forced to have sex with some of the males I've dated in the past because I wasn't ready, and I was raped a few times as a young girl. 

"Look, even during marriage, sex MUST be voluntary! Sexual relations must always be voluntary! Don't trick someone into it! Not even a mention of kids? 

Hurt, and psychologically ill individuals harm others! Clearly mistreated or possessed, that nanny thought it was acceptable to treat me the way she did. We have sick individuals drafting legislation to support their sick orientations! Stop it, please!

I am aware of those vicious mouths and sick-hearted individuals who would spew nonsense and irrelevant remarks! Some might take this out of context, some might think I should have kept quiet, some might think Y'all are the main reason why abused individuals are killing themselves, and some might think that abusers are abusing others. Nobody owes me an explanation! If you care, I'm doing my part, so let's go! 

"For those who have a fear of God, let's unite and create a community to safeguard one another and our kids from these predators! Let's all do our part to help this planet turn around by carrying out genuine kingdom work.

Watch video below,


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