TG Omori discloses that Asake's Joha music video cost $165k (more than $75 million)

 This disclosure was made by TG Omori in response to a troll who was trying to

minimize the value of his work. 

With a surprising disclosure regarding the music video for the popular song Joha by singer Asake, music video director TG Omori has shocked the internet. 

The well-known filmmaker revealed that he charged $165k for the music video in a message posted on his Twitter account. 

In response to a troll who attempted to minimize the value of his work after hearing that he costs his customers as much as $50,000 for the creation of a music video, TG Omori revealed this information.

His charge came to light when controversial musician Portable contacted him to record the music video for his hit song "Apostle," but was horrified by the cost. Remember how Portable criticized him online for billing him $50,000? 

In response to this, a troll said on Twitter that none of TG Omori's work is worthy of that much money and suggested that he is overpriced. 

The troll stated, "TG Omori doesn't have a single video that justifies his price to be $50,000." 

The director responded to the remark with the startling sum he charged for Asake's "Joha" video because he didn't take it lying down. 

Joha video costs around $165,000. "Are you crying?" he asked.

Joha is the most costly video that TG Omori has ever shot; the cost in naira would break a calculator, he revealed earlier in December 2022. 

View his previous tweets below.


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