"Wed a wealthy lady. Invest heavily in one if you can't. — Jason Njoku, a businessman, gives guys advice

 Nothing, according to him, is more pleasant than getting married to a woman who

can pay all the bills if things don't work out. 

Popular Nigerian businessman Jason Njoku recently advised guys on Twitter to invest in or marry wealthy women. 

The owner of iRokoTV claims that there are countless benefits to marrying a wealthy woman since there is nothing more delightful than being with a partner who can pay all the bills if things don't work out. 

He claimed that his actress wife Mary Remmy Njoku, who has frequently invested in his company, has been a pillar of support for his finances and career.

Jason continued by saying that even if his business fails today, his wife will still allow him to keep his current way of living. 

On Wednesday, January 25, he tweeted. 

'Marry a wealthy woman,' If you are unable to marry, make aggressive investments in one. I was Mrs. Mary Njoku's initial "investment" My best life tip is that. When your wife can afford the complete lifestyle, you realize how wonderful things are. mortgage, tuition costs, and the easiest of lives She hates the way I tell her she's my pension because of how she acts. if everything I possess is lost. To continue living the way I've become accustomed to, I simply need to be a decent spouse. The truth.

A few years ago, I took on too many startups. They started swallowing her money after gulping down all of mine. She wasn't content. When I urged her to settle her finances, she used to sob. But she stood beside us. Earnings from my top investor, @MrsMaryNjoku, paid every expense. She only requested that I keep the money. 1000% motivation. as long as everything at home is in order. Nothing trembles. 

We have only ever argued over money in relation to how freely I spend it. But I was born with that one. I don't want to exert myself excessively. At age 50, retire. Working too hard hurts my skin. 🤗🙏🏿”


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