Oyedepo swears that he will never back a wicked man for president of Nigeria because God is furious


Bishop David Oyedepo of the Living Faith Church has sworn never to

support any evil politician who harbors ambitions to be the nation's leader.

While leading his congregation in prayer for the country, especially for the general elections in February and March, Oyedepo declared that God is enraged with the corrupt leaders.

Speaking about the supposed nepotism of Nigerian politicians, Oyedepo argued that no tribe possesses citizens incapable of managing the nation.

According to him, there are no tribes or areas without capable men who have the moral fiber and capacity to lead Nigeria, just as there are no tribes or regions without incapable individuals. The majority of the time, inept people are the ones who arrive.

Without capable persons who have the character and ability to lead Nigeria, there are no tribes or regions in Nigeria. I won't be here on the day I enable the evil in Nigeria to rule. I stand with God.

"God is constantly angry with the wicked; I can't fall in love with them." You detest God if you have a romantic relationship with a bad person. You have a fierce hatred for God.


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