Pastor of House on the Rock who assaulted the altar with an AK-47 is detained by police

 Uche Aigbe, the presiding pastor of House on the Rock's Abuja Chapter, has been taken into

custody by the police.

Inspector Musa Audu, the policeman who gave the cleric his gun, is also about to be fired, according to information obtained by ONIKEWIDE.

Aigbe had created a commotion on Sunday when he mounted the pulpit while brandishing an AK 47.

The incident happened inside the church's auditorium during the second service.

As worshipers watched, the cleric made his way to the altar while brandishing the firearm. The priest and the troubled police have been jailed, according to a source. The Inspector would stand trial in a fair manner.

The Inspector was taken into custody. When questioned, he admitted that he had given the pastor the revolver to use as a prop during the church service.

"Audu is currently being held in custody with the pastor. However, the FCT CP has recommended Audu's firing to the IG, and he will soon face an orderly room trial, the source said.


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