BREAKING : Tribunal once more rejects Obi's plea due to an inadequate document scheduling

 The appeal brought forth by Mr. Peter Gregory Obi and the Labour Party, LP, challenging the

election of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu, resulted in the Presidential Election appeal Court, PEPC, being compelled to adjourn hearings for the third time.

Following an inadequate schedule of papers being requested to be produced in support of the charges of irregularities during the February 25 presidential election, the court dismissed the case.

The court found that the materials were not properly scheduled as the Court had ordered during Thursday's sessions.

Many inconsistencies were found in the drama that developed when the 23 local government areas of Benue submitted their documents.

All attempts to explain the oddity and reschedule the documents failed because there was no quick fix for the mistakes.

Counsel for Obi and the Labour Party, Chief Emeka Okpoko SAN, attempted to avert a crisis by attempting to conduct the proceedings using documents that had not been filed, but the plan was rejected due to its legality.

At last, the court adjourned the petition hearing and instructed the legal team to re-file the schedule of documents in accordance with the guidelines in the pre-hearing report.

The petition hearing was shifted as a result of Obi's hearing running into rough waters three times.

Peter Obi and Datti Baba Ahmed, the vice presidential candidate, were present in court at the time this article was being written as their attorneys scurried frantically to the court's registry to submit a fresh schedule of documents.

The five Justices considering the case, chaired by Justice Haruna Simon Tsammani, have retreated to their chambers in the meantime to wait for the legal team to organize its affairs.


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