World's Most Valuable Football Clubs 2023


According to Forbes, Real Madrid was the most valuable club in the world in

2022 with a value of $6.07 billion (£4.9bn).

The Spanish juggernauts topped the 30-club list prepared by the American business magazine for a second consecutive year, with Manchester United coming in second with a $6 billion (£4.8 billion) valuation.

Barcelona, the LaLiga winners and top-ranked team in 2021, is ranked third with a valuation of $5.51 billion (£4.4 billion).

Two clubs have hit the $6 billion threshold for the first time on this year's list. Madrid's worth increased by 19% in the last year, while United's increased by 30%.

According to Forbes, the Spanish team has advanced to five of the most recent nine lucrative Champions League finals, winning each one.

"As part of a 20-year agreement, Real Madrid has also secured nearly $400 million from Sixth Street and Legends to boost revenue at its Santiago Bernabeu Stadium, which has been undergoing a significant renovation and is anticipated to be finished next year."

Only Madrid and United have consistently finished in the top five since Forbes started providing yearly club valuations in 2004.

Seven of the top 30 clubs are American, and six of the top 10 clubs in the study are Premier League teams.

Forbes' Top 10 Most Valuable Clubs

1. Real Madrid ($6.07bn)

2. Manchester United ($6bn)

3. Barcelona ($5.51bn)

4. Liverpool ($5.29bn)

5. Manchester City ($4.99bn)

6. Bayern Munich ($4.86bn)

7. Paris Saint-Germain ($4.21bn)

8. Chelsea ($3.1bn)

9. Tottenham Hotspur ($2.8bn)

10. Arsenal ($2.26bn)



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