Only a few weeks after having BBL surgery, a man is accused of beating his wife to death because she failed to have a son

 In Enugu state, a Nigerian man named Ndubuisi is accused of killing his wife Chiamaka Okafor by

beating her to death.

Ndubuisi allegedly attacked his wife on June 8 until she lost consciousness, while specifics of the terrible occurrence remain unknown.

She apparently needed immediate medical attention and was taken to a hospital in Enugu, but regrettably she passed away. Following that, her remains was moved to a morgue for additional arrangements.

According to reports, the guy has a history of violently abusing his wife—with whom he has two daughters—because she hasn't given birth to a son.

A source who spoke anonymously said,

“They got married in June 2018 but their marriage was filled with incessant ab¥se from the man. She had a butt enlargement surgery a few weeks ago and was still recovering when he beat her up as usual and she fainted.

This happened last Thursday. He took her to the hospital, left her there and told her siblings to come look after her.

According to people that was with her before she died, she was bl££ding from her nose. After she died, her husband never came to the hospital until late at night after she had been deposited at the mortuary.

Man allegedly beats

They said he usually leaves the home for months and comes back whenever he feels like. They also said she was advised to leave the marriage but she practically refused.

She underwent the BBL surgery just to please him. She was coerced into having an abortion just because it was a baby girl. They have two daughters but the man wanted a male child by all means. This is the main reason why he always abuse her.”

Friends and family of the deceased have taken to social media to mourn her sad demise.


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