Tragic Boat Disaster in Kwara that Causes 103 Wedding Guests to Perish

 Patigi, state of Kwara On Monday, June 12, tragedy struck Kwara state when 103

persons who were returning from a wedding ceremony perished after their boat capsized at Egbu village, in the state's Patigi Local Government Area. 

The 103 victims, including the father and his four children, were returning from a wedding celebration at a nearby Egboti village in Niger state when a river wave took control of the boat, caused it to crash into a tree, and caused it to capsize, according to The PUNCH.

According to village sources, the boat's overcrowding was to blame for the catastrophe. The names of the surviving will be made public soon, said SP Ajayi Okasanmi, a spokeswoman for the State Police, who also verified the horrific incident in an update.

When they become available, the identities of the surviving will be made public, he promised. It was learned that the incident resulted in the recovery of roughly 50 passenger bodies. According to a declaration made by a community leader named Alhassan Bala Mohammed and cited by the chairman of the Transition Implementation Committee for the Patigi LGA, Alhaji Mohammed Ibrahim Liman, roughly 110 passengers are claimed to have perished in the crash.

He said:  

“About 110 people died in the boat mishap in our area. We’re going to tell you about the tragedy and unforgettable memory that occurred to my people from our village and other neighboring villages close to us.

Our village people went to a wedding ceremony in another village called Gboti and the boat carried about 270 people, and almost 110 people were lost.


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