{VIDEO} Adedoyin in court following his execution by hanging for the murder of an OAU student

 A video of hotelier Ramon Adedoyin at the Osun State High Court following his

execution by hanging verdict for the murder of OAU student Timothy Adegoke has leaked online.

Dr. Ramon Adedoyin, the proprietor of the Hilton Hotel in Ile Ife, and two other people were found guilty of killing Timothy within the hotel in November 2021 and were given the death penalty by hanging on May 30.

In November 2021, Timothy Adegoke, a former postgraduate student at Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU), Ile-Ife, was murdered inside a room at the Dr. Ramon Adedoyin-owned Hilton Hotels Ile-Ife. Adedoyin and six of his employees were detained and charged with the murder.

Adedoyin and three members of his staff were convicted guilty of murder and conspiracy by the court, which was presided over by Chief Judge of Osun State Justice Oyebola Adepele Ojo.

During the ruling, Justice Ojo noted that the circumstantial evidence in the case indicated that Adegoke, a visitor to Adedoyin's hotel, had been killed in an illegal manner.

Justice Ojo stated that Adedoyin's decision not to testify in court did not work in his favor because the burden of proof had been moved to him by the circumstantial evidence.

She said that Adedoyin's unwillingness to testify suggested that he agreed with the murder accusation leveled against him by the prosecution, rejecting the hotel owner's alibi that he was in Abuja for a lengthy period of time at the time Adegoke was killed.

However, Magdalene Chiefuna, Lawrence Oluwole, and Adedeji Adesola, three of the staff members, were dismissed and found not guilty by Justice Ojo. Following pleas from the defense and prosecution lawyers, the seventh defendant's sentence is set for Wednesday.

The hotel and the Hilux bus used to take the deceased to the disposal site were ordered forfeited by the judge, according to The Cable. Additionally, Justice Ojo ordered Adedoyin to cover the two children of Adegoke's tuition.

In order to arrive on time for his exam at the OAU Distance Learning Center in Moro, Osun State, on November 6 and 7, 2021, Timothy Adegoke had slept at the Hilton Hotels and Resorts in Ile-Ife after arriving from Abuja on November 5, 2021.

However, when his friends and family were unable to contact him, the police reported him missing on November 7, 2021.

Timothy's body was later found in a grave during a police inquiry into the hotel owner, Dr. Rahman Adedoyin, and his employees. 


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