AC Milan and BMW Italia renew their Premium Partner agreement

 BMW and AC Milan have made the announcement that their original 2021 collaboration has

been extended.

Milan renewed their contract with the Italian division of the BMW Group, which will continue to serve as the team's Premium Partner and Automotive Partner, according to the club's official website.

According to the website, the two companies "are connected by shared values, such as passion, style, an appetite for a challenge, pushing oneself, and going beyond natural confines."

The two parties share the belief that sustainability is a crucial strategic asset for business as well as for relationships with the environment and society, with a special responsibility to the next generation.

In order to unite and energize aficionados of sport, vehicles, sustainability, and lifestyle, Milan and BMW will continue to collaborate to develop a number of joint events and initiatives.

The president of AC Milan, Paolo Scaroni, stated, "We're happy to be able to continue the road we've been on with an essential partner in BMW. With BMW, we share a vision, principles, and a forward-thinking, pioneering attitude that has recently sparked innovation in each of our respective areas.

"In addition, we are honored to collaborate with a partner who completely understands our dedication to social issues, which are essential to our business model.

"This enables us to strengthen our partnership even further, which has resulted in a wide range of activities and opportunities over the past two years. We're honored to join BMW in a demonstration of enthusiasm, innovation, elegance, and sustainability.

"We're really proud of our partnership with AC Milan, and this renewal is a natural consequence of all the hard work we've done together over the last two seasons," said Massimiliano Di Silvestre, President and CEO of BMW Italia S.p.A.

"From our initial delivery of the vehicles to the players to the development of a special livery for the BMW i4 on the occasion of the unveiling of the team's fourth jersey, to the debut of the new BMW XM, nationally showcased at Milanello with the entire squad, and, of course, the nineteenth Scudetto.

"I also can't forget the meetings with the board of directors of BMW AG, the social inclusion initiatives with our dealerships and the Insuperabili ONLUS, and the amazing evening with all of AC Milan's partners that was hosted at our House of BMW on Via Monte Napoleone, with the seven Champions League trophies exclusively on display!

"We are unified not only by a love of competitiveness and a never-ending quest for improvement, but also by a commitment to sustainability on all fronts—business, society, and the environment. For the upcoming two seasons, we will each keep up our commitments to contributing our fair share.

According to Casper Stylsvig, the chief revenue officer of AC Milan, "BMW is one of the most recognizable brands in the world and transcends beyond the automotive sector, much like our Club, which links and stimulates over 500 million people globally.

We are able to strive for the global recognition of our companies' values thanks to partnerships like this one, which allow us to capitalize on our respective strengths, knowledge, and capabilities.


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