Easy way to Obtain Automatic British Citizenship

 The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, also referred to as

the United Kingdom (UK) or Britain is a nation off the coast of the European continent's north-western shore. The population of the United Kingdom is anticipated to be just under 67 million in 2022, covering a total area of 242,495 square kilometers (93,628 sq mi).

Over the course of several hundred years, the constituent nations of the United Kingdom underwent a number of annexations, unions, and separations.

First Time UK Passport

If your application is a routine one, the processing time for a first-time UK passport is typically between 6 and 12 weeks. In this context, routine refers to having one or both parents who were born in the UK.

The processing period may lengthen if the UK Passport Office needs to get in touch with you or ask for more information. However, your passport application could be accepted in as short as 4 weeks provided you supply all the documentation required to confirm your citizenship.

Obtaining British Citizenship Automatically

There are some circumstances that allow you to become a British Citizen automatically, without needing to have lived in the United Kingdom for an extended period of time. This is therefore the quickest way to confirm your citizenship and apply for a passport.

You are likely already a British Citizen if you were born in the UK, or one of your parents is British or was born in the UK.

Much has changed in the last century with regards to citizenship, immigration laws, and political circumstances in the United Kingdom.

Therefore, your eligibility for automatic citizenship is based upon the geopolitical and historical context of Britain, current British territories and former British colonies, the Commonwealth, and the EU.

You may be able to become an automatic British Citizen if:

👉you have a British parent

👉you are another type of British nationality, such as a British Overseas Citizen or British Protected Person

👉you’re stateless

👉you used to be a British citizen, but renounced your citizenship

👉you’re a direct descendant of a Chagossian (someone who was born in British Indian Ocean Territory)

👉you’re a citizen of the Commonwealth

👉you are eligible for the Windrush Scheme

If you qualify as a citizen, you will not need to go through any British Citizenship applications. You can go straight ahead and apply for a British passport.

Citizenship After 3 Years (Married to a British Citizen)

If you’re married to a British Citizen, you will be able to apply for citizenship after 3 years of living in the UK, rather than after the usual 5 years.

To be eligible for this pathway, you must be married to or are in a civil partnership with a British Citizen, have lived in the UK for three years or more, be over 18, and already have indefinite leave to remain or settled status in the UK.

You must also adhere to the other requirements set out by the Home Office for citizenship, such as proving your English, Welsh or Scottish Gaelic language skills, showing proof of passing the Life in the UK Test, and being of good character.

You should also not have spent more than 270 days outside the UK during the 3 years before your application, or spent more than 90 days outside the UK in the last 12 months from the date of your application.

Settlement After 5 Years (Indefinite Leave to Remain or Settled Status)

Citizenship After 5 Years and 12 Months (Indefinite Leave to Remain)

If you have continuously lived in the UK for 5 years or longer, you will be able to apply for citizenship once you’ve had indefinite leave to remain status or settled status from the EU Settlement Scheme (EUSS) for 12 months.

The criteria for citizenship through this route is as follows. You must:

💥Be 18 or over

💥Show proof that you were in the UK 5 years before the Home Office receives your application

💥Show proof of English, Welsh or Scottish Gaelic proficiency

💥Have passed the Life in the UK Test

💥Have intentions to continue living in the UK

💥Be of good character

💥Not have broken any UK laws

In addition, you must not have spent more than 450 days outside the UK during the 5 years before your application, or spent more than 90 days outside the UK in the last 12 months from the date of your application.


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