Swae Lee - "Wait until you hear my amapiano songs."

 Khalif Malik Ibn Shaman Brown, better known as the American rapper Swae Lee, has

admitted that he is partially Nigerian.

Rae Sremmurd, a rap duo, made this public by explaining why he included the Nigerian flag to a tweet announcing his participation in the South African genre known as Amapiano.

On Tuesday, Swae Lee announced on his Twitter account that he will be experimenting with the current sound. He also included a Nigerian flag emoji, which South Africans found offensive.

The Hip Hop icon wrote, "Wait till y'all hear Swae Lee on Amapiano."

South Africans flocked to his comment section after seeing his tweet, where they accused Swae Lee of defaming their nation by incorrectly attributing the origin of Amapiano to Nigeria.

Swae quickly responded, though, to clarify that his post had been misinterpreted. He clarified that the flag was only there since he is a mixed-race Nigerian.

For the people offended by the flag, I put it because I'm partially Nigerian, he wrote. I made no mention of the genre's conception in what I said.

Wow, I never mentioned who the first man was; all I said was, "Wait until you hear my Amapiano songs. You all chose that one.

"Bigs up to the South Africans for creating this beautiful sh*t," the singer of "Sunflower" said.


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