Tyson Fury vs Francis Ngannou confirmed fight regulations


On October 28, Tyson Fury and UFC heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou will engage in a

remarkable crossover bout. It will be a rare battle between two formidable fighters from different disciplines and will be performed according to boxing rules.

The WBC heavyweight champion, Fury, won't be participating in this fight to defend his championship. Just before Halloween, a battle will break out in the Middle East. Ngannou, who is renowned for his supremacy in the MMA community, gave up his championship earlier this year when he left the organization to join the PFL. 

The fight will be judged by three judges utilizing the 10-point must system even though no titles will be on the line. The fight will take place in the ring over ten rounds of three minutes each. The fight may or may not be recorded on their official records, but because it will take place in a regulated ring and be supervised by the commission, it will basically count as a professional boxing battle.

"As soon as that bell goes, it'll be bombs away!" said Fury, expressing his eagerness for the fight. Let's see how this man, who is reputed to be the hardest puncher in the world, responds when the Big GK (Gypsy King) strikes him. 

 I'm excited to demonstrate to the world that The Gypsy King is the best fighter of his generation in a titanic struggle against another expert in his field, he continued. There is no one tougher than me, and you'll all see that in devastating form on October 28. Francis looked tough when he went into the ring following the Whyte bout.

Fury used the occasion to thank his promoters Frank Warren and Bob Arum, his manager Spencer Brown, the staff at Riyadh Season, and everyone else who helped make this fantastic event possible. He exhorts everyone to get enthusiastic because he believes the fight will be unforgettable.

On the other side, Ngannou expressed his eagerness to finally meet Fury in the ring after three years of waiting. He acknowledged his enduring desire to box and compete against the finest in the business. As the undisputed MMA Heavyweight Champion, he has the chance to make his goal come true and establish himself as the "baddest man on the planet" in this bout.

Ngannou spoke straight to Fury and issued the following warning: "All I will say to Tyson for now is he better dance in that ring because if I touch him, he's going to sleep."

Top Rank, Queensberry, who represents Fury, and Ngannou's new organization GIMIK Fight Promotions will co-promote the fight. A magnificent presentation will arise from the collaboration between the event and the Saudi Arabian Riyadh Season. The main event will be the fight, which will garner interest from viewers all over the world.

The series of notable boxing matches that have brought together fighters from various backgrounds continues with this crossover battle between Fury and Ngannou. Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather famously squared off in 2017, and despite the fight being a letdown and Mayweather coming out on top, it brought in enormous sums of money for both athletes.


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