Girl who requested an iPhone 8 for her birthday stirs controversy (PHOTO)

 After a little TikToker known as "Pretty Yoruba Girl" posted a video of the consequences of

demanding an iPhone 8 as a birthday gift, her parents' comments have drawn controversy.

She shared the 3-minute clip on Monday under the handle @pretty..yorubagirl_ with the caption, "POV: Your birthday is coming, and as a responsible girl, you asked your dad for iPhone 8′′. In the background, her father's voice could be heard chastising her for wanting an iPhone rather than concentrating on her studies.

Asserting that girls with such phones are morally depraved, the father was overheard saying that she could as well sell her body for an iPhone. 

He added that his daughter's focus on obtaining an iPhone prior to starting university is unnecessary and contrasted this with individuals pursuing a medical education who have not made owning an iPhone a priority.

Her mother agreed with her dad and pondered why their daughter had chosen solely to cause them grief as he continued to say that he had yet to see any indication that his future was assured with her.

The mother also expressed her shock that a pastor's child would make such a request.

In the meanwhile, the video has sparked a range of responses on social media, with some criticizing the girl's behavior and others criticizing her parents' unwillingness to give her a phone.

Dj Switch, a well-known disc jockey, stated, "I recently viewed a video of a girl who begged for an iPhone and then went on to record her parents' response...hmm. I can hear her parents' anxiety and suffering, but her demeanor and behavior speak for themselves. She hasn't been admitted yet, but I've heard she's more intrigued by the iPhone. iPhone 8 in particular. I believe she ought to have demanded an iPhone 15 Pro Max from her parents while holding them at gunpoint. Then I'll understand that she's serious.

"I've been saying it for a while, but with everything we do online, all the bad we praise, all the attention we give to BBL and the other set of 'fakeness' that has created the stage for this type of rubbish we see from our kids, I'm really worried about our new generation. For the wise, one word was sufficient, but the wise were few, she said.

@rutie_xx, a user, commented, "On top iPhone 8? Poverty is evil.

Another commenter, @rutie_xx, disputed Adeleke's claim, writing, "It's not poverty; if you impress your parents, they would do whatever they can for you. In that case, if you can get her the iPhone 8, you're done, I promise. 

"Wait pikin fail and her reward for failure is supposed to be an iPhone 8?" questioned Ultim8. Do you know what the papa does for a living? Do you know how much her father has to pay for her education expenses? She has an economic mindset, right?  You obtain a phone, but do you still have the thought to ask for another one if you mess up?

People are funny, in Owombre's opinion. I recently came across a post giving an iPhone 6 to an iPhone 8 girl, with the proviso "If it's not too small for her."

You guys should just go out and get her a new father at this point. Why, after all, would you give her an iPhone when she really needs a new father?

According to Chris, "This iPhone 8 ish has made me realize that I need to try my possible human best to guide and nurture my children into becoming therapists; it's gonna become a highly lucrative industry soonest cos plenty of una children go dey damaged."

Deji expressed a diverse viewpoint when she said, "On this iPhone 8 saga. You will never hear a boy criticize his parent in such a way. Just goes to demonstrate that guys are better at handling things, no? Then why?


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