Father shocked by son's DNA results at age two


After paternity testing showed that he is not the biological father of his two-year-old kid, a

guy named Stephen Moses (names omitted) has drawn attention.

Moses claimed that despite his wife having AS genetics and him having AA, he had not been able to move past the realization that his alleged child may have sickle cell disease.
The man claimed that after the boy's multiple sickle cell episodes, he felt compelled to establish the boy's paternity.
He made this revelation while appearing on the well-known television program The Justice Court. He said that two distinct tests verified that he is not Teri-Oluwa's biological father.

"I am still in awe of how we got here," Moses tweeted in a series of tweets on his X handle on Monday, tagging a now-viral video of the court hearing. We were married on May 21, 2016, exactly. After a year, she became pregnant, giving birth on November 8, 2018, her birthday. We spent thousands of dollars in the hospital during the baby's first crisis, which is when we first learned he was SS.

"At this moment, I didn't understand. Initially, she informed me that the youngster was being used by the enemy to harm us. I didn't dispute with her even though I didn't believe her. I started investigating whether AA plus AS may result in SS.

"I witnessed a few isolated instances of extremely severe weather, but because of the pleasant weather, it was not feasible in Nigeria." At the Lagos State Teaching Hospital and Ifako General Hospital, I chatted with a few midwives and counselors. 

"We continued to live together, pray, and fast, and nothing changed. The boy continued to experience crises. By now, we had run out of money and I was uncomfortable because I had heard numerous times that a DNA test was not possible. Therefore, we were unable to buy one.

Even after I marry SS as an AA, I still have to produce SS. I began complaining to my friends about this, and one of them sent me to Justice Court, where a DNA test would be performed at no cost. I thus got in touch with them and set up a paternity test sample for the boy and myself.

"The results of the paternity test were revealed in a court hearing in December, as you can see in the video. She has been avoiding and refusing to answer calls from the Justice Court to carry out the Judge's order to do a maternity test since December.

He said that the tale altered when the test results came back negative because his wife had been unavailable, and that prior to the paternity being established, his in-laws had arrested him on the grounds that he had not been caring for the child.

Justice Court has not been able to get in touch with her by phone as I write this report. She's not returning calls. The irony of the whole situation is that, in November of last year, her family had me arrested at the Ajuwon Police Station for failing to provide for the aforementioned child.

"To get the case out of the police station, our family lawyer had to step in." I recall that the police were on her side. When the DNA results were released in December, they were negative. She withdrew into isolation after feeling the urge to cleanse herself, he said.

Moses stated that there was little chance of the child being switched at delivery because he was present during the labor.

"The last section of the video above, which asks, 'Is the child swapped in the hospital?'" he wrote. Though the odds are low, it might be feasible. There were just two women in labor that day when I was in the labor room. It was the Ojodu Health Centre in Gbadamosi, Ojodu, not a hospital.

"While in labor, the other woman already gave birth." I recall dropping him next to her on the bed as I waited for her sister to arrive, then I departed to prepare her something to eat. I had followed the nurse around to clean him up and get him back. To be really honest, this marriage broke me.
on response, the wife indicated on the video that she believed Moses' story to be truthful but disagreed with the outcome.

She defended herself by claiming that Moses didn't talk to her about it before the DNA test was conducted.

"Everything mentioned is accurate," she remarked, "but why wasn't he able to advise me to have DNA testing when we were first diagnosed? Furthermore, he remained vague about his desire to take a DNA test. He began acting out around the house, and occasionally he would not even return until my brother advised me to alert him anytime my husband was present.

"When my brother arrived while he was around, he explained what was going on because I had no idea." He then informed me that his father had dreamed that he was caring for the child of another man, and that was the justification he offered me that day. It continued in that manner.

The woman said, "Nobody touched me," in response to the question of who the child's father was. I'm positive.


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