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Wednesday, 19 February 2020


JUST IN - "If I Die Today, You're The Only Woman I know Will Take Care Of My Children" Teebillz Shades Tiwa As He Celebrates Ex, Maete

Teebillz took to Instagram to celebrate his ex in a post some of his followers have described as spiteful...

Sharing a photo of Kenea Maete Udoh, who he has two kids with, he described her as the best mother to all his kids, including those she didn't give birth to. He added that she's the only one he can trust to care for his kids if he's gone.

 He also thanked her for being the "best in his life".

He wrote:  "beautiful beauty don’t need no filter babe......... I’m grateful for ur love towards my kids! Khalil, Gaetano, Jamil, Bisi and Ona.......

 if I Die today you are the only woman I know will take care of my children! Thank you Maete for being the Best mom to my Children!!!"

"If I die today, you
In another post, he wrote: "Happy Birthday to the best mother to Bisi, Khalil, Ona , Amira....... Most especially, JAMiL and GUY...... thank u Maete for being the best in my my Life....... "
"If I die today, you
Below are comments from followers calling Teebillz out for his "spiteful" post.
"If I die today, you
"If I die today, you

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