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UPDATE - Sex For Grades: “Oge Never Requested To Be Anonymous” – Nicholas Ibekwe Reveals


Nicholas Ibekwe, the Head of investigations at Premium Times has disclosed that BBC journalist, Oge Obi never asked to be anonymous in the "Sex For Grades" documentary.

Traumatised reporter, Ogechi Obidiebube, attempted to take her life on Sunday by taking a poisonous substance.

According to reports by her friend @joshbillz who reached out to her after she posted a distressing video, he revealed that Oge had indeed committed suicide.

He revealed that Oge has been rushed to the hospital after she was found lifeless and two bottles of sniper was found in her room. He also stated that they had to break the door in other to get inside the room.

Her friends reportedly took her to two different hospitals which rejected her before she was taken to a general hospital.

Some social media users had claimed, Oge requested to be put on anonymous on the Credits for the documentary.

Nicholas Ibekwe, has now debunked the claims, as she said it was her bosses who requested she be placed is anonymous.

Nicholas Ibekwe wrote;

"I am going to debunk one disinformation spreading here:

Oge did not request to be anonymous. Rather her bosses asked her to. As a young, naive journalist she practically has not say in the matter.

Again, I blame only one person for this mess: The BBC. Period.

Credible sources have told me that remaining anonymous was the only way she could be a part of that story. It was either that or she was yanked off the entire production.

No creative wants to be yanked off an idea they conceptualise.

 Again, the bosses at BBC in Lagos messed up.

 For fairness, I should add that the reason for anonymity was for her safety.

 But, if the names of others who worked on the story was used in the credit, there was no reason to use a pseudonym for Oge. Absolutely none.

 And it deserves a more prominent position in the credit".