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{PHOTO} 'Don't shove this nonsense down our throats'- Teebillz kicks against California bill


Music executive, Teebillz has taken to his Instagram page

to express his dismissal of a new bill in California, USA, which seeks to ban large departmental stores from dividing childcare items and toys by gender


The bill is seeking such stores to be gender-neutral and remove gender expectations where girls are expected to like dolls and makeup and boys are to like trains and superheroes. One of the co-sponsors of the bill, Evan Low, said an 8-year-old girl named Britten inspired him to write the proposal. Low said in a statement that Britten didn't understand why a store was telling her which toys were meant for boys and which were for girls. 


Low's bill is the most recent example of efforts in the US to eliminate gender labels from toy marketing as some researchers insist that gender-specific toys can stunt a child's emotional and psychological growth. 


Reacting via his Instastories, Teebillz said he doesn't discriminate against anyone but no one should shove ''this nonsense'' down people's throats. According to him, his children will identify as boys and girls and that his son will never play with dolls


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