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Wednesday, 10 March 2021


{PHOTO} 'Eyewitnesses' narrate how a police officer allegedly killed at least one youth in the community


Angry youths, yesterday, March 9, burned down a police

station in Imo state after at least one youth was killed in the village.


It was alleged that two siblings named Chinanu Okonkwo and Chinyere Okonkwo from Umuderim Community, Ihitte Uboma, Imo State, were killed by a Nigerian police officer on Tuesday morning, March 9.


The killing reportedly took place at Isiweke, the headquarters of Ihitte Uboma council area of Imo State (read here).


Now, people who claim to be eyewitnesses have taken to Twitter to narrate what happened.


One Twitter user alleged that a POS owner reported his attendant, Chinyere Okonkwo, to the police over money issue. At the station, she allegedly started having an asthma crisis and pleaded to be set free to no avail.


She became unconscious and was taken home by the police.


Her brother, Chinanu Okonkwo, on seeing his unconscious sister, charged at the police, asking what they had done to her, and he was allegedly shot and killed.


"2 dead bodies in one family in one day," the eyewitness alleged.


However, some villagers have claimed the sister, Chinyere Okonkwo, later regained consciousness.


As for the brother, angry youths deposited his corpse at the police station. They also set some parts of the station on fire.


Read claims from alleged eyewitnesses below.


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