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{VIDEO} Man Is Seen Struggling To Come Out After Davido Pushed Him Inside Pool

A video has emerged online showing the moment Davido
pushed a man inside a pool during a video shoot.
The video currently going viral online showed that the singer was on a video shoot for one of his songs.

In the video, three men wearing black outfits and covered in white masks were seen standing behind the singer.

A young man was seated on a chair with his back turned to a swimming pool and the singer who was donned in a white and blue outfit pushed him into the pool while a cameraman was on standby to capture the event.
As soon as Davido pushed the man into the pool, he turned away from him. However, the moment he glanced back, he saw that the man was struggling to get out of the water.

The FEM crooner immediately ran to the side of the pool as other members of the crew also joined to assist him in bringing out the man.

Watch the video below:

As expected, Nigerians had something to say about the video. Many blamed the man who was pushed into the pool for taking such a job when he knows that he cannot swim while some noted that Davido's reaction to the event showed how caring he is.


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