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{PHOTO} "I cooked the heart with potatoes to feed and release the demons' - Man ate neighbor's heart

 An American man has been accused of a triple murder, including

cutting the heart out of his neighbour to eat at home.


A judge has heard how a US man, Lawrence Paul Anderson, 42, allegedly killed his neighbor at Chickasha, Oklahoma, before returning home with the heart and eating it.

In court the judge was told that Anderson "cooked the heart with potatoes to feed to his family to release the demons".

He is also accused of killing his uncle Leon Pye, 67, and four-year-old girl Kaeos Yates at his own home.

He also allegedly stabbed his aunt Delsie Pye, who survived but has wounds in her eyes.

Law enforcement say Anderson confessed to the murder of his neighbour while he was being interviewed by law enforcement in hospital.

He was just released from prison in January, after a 20-year-sentence he was serving for drug and firearms offences committed while on parole.

He was commuted to nine years in 2017 but was released early in 2020.


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