BREAKING - "Most wanted" suspect arrested after asking about reward money on police department's Facebook post

 A woman who was on the run for her alleged role in a murder case has been arrested after

commenting on the police department’s Facebook post asking about reward money for her arrest. 


Last Wednesday, the police department posted about Lorraine Graves, who is charged with being an accessory to a murder in March. The department was looking for information on Graves, who was suspected to be involved in the murder of Eric Graves.

Eric Graves was shot and killed at an apartment complex and two men had already been charged with his murder and arrested, the department said in their post. 

However, the department was still looking for Lorraine Graves – and she ended up showing herself to them when she commented on the post. "Where's the reward money at?" Graves, who was declared most wanted wrote.


 "Most wanted" suspect arrested after asking about reward money on police department


The police department took a screenshot of Graves' comment, which received 37 replies and was ultimately deleted. 

Detectives with the fugitive warrants unit arrested Graves in north Tulsa over the weekend.  Her bond is set at $500,000.

In another post, the department shared photos of Graves during her arrest, smiling. "This is an arrest, not a conviction," the department said in the post.


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